Conference Rooms

One of our great office rental benefits is the ability to find a meeting place where people can exchange ideas, host workshops and mingle with the community.

Well, search no more, since you can easily find a meeting room near by in the same building and you don't have to worry about it, the in-premises meeting rooms are equipped with the latest multimedia and audio technologies and accompanied by professional services that can contribute to the success of the meeting or event you are planning.


Special features:

  • A large conference room with a capacity of up to a thousand people suitable to host big events.
  • Lighting designed carefully for the convenience of participants in the events.
  • Air Conditioning is provided to ensure the right atmosphere for the success of events.
  • Concierge to arrange services, seating and refreshments according to the requirements for the event.
  • Proximity to the five stars hotel to host visitors from outside the country.
  • Parking spaces are the biggest in the capital and capable of accommodating about a thousand cars.
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