Standard offices.

The building gives a modern presence with the facades that reflect the flow of the Nile while representing the masterful design and modern luxury, our standard offices uniquely embodied in the simplicity of the furniture of Molteni & C.

Special Features:

• Ability to customize the space required broader through the removal of barriers between the rented offices under the supervision of the company.

• Possibility of dividing interior spaces customized engineering under the consultant of the company's engineer.

• Facade glass can be changed depending on the type of activity either transparent or inert (obscure vision).

• Maintenance and follow-up services around the clock from the company's service team.

• A mosque and a dedicated restaurant for tenants and visitors of the Commercial Center.

• Large parking spaces, elevators and air conditioning.

Italian office furniture carefully designed and robust.

• Corridors and entrances backdrop for loading and unloading of goods and equipments.


Enjoy the high quality food offered by Omdurman Restaurant, Dedicated for the staff and busness owners at the offices and shops of the comercial center.

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